Google Map of Lake Koocanusa and Gold Bay

Click on this map for a larger interactive map with directions.

The competition will take place at Gold Bay on Lake Koocanusa, about an hour’s drive west from Cranbrook International Airport and about an hour’s drive south of Fernie, BC.

With the completion of the hydro/electric dam at Libby Montana in the early 1970’s (damming the Kootenay River), Lake Koocanusa was formed. (The name “Koocanusa” is an amalgamation of the words “Kootenay” + “Canada” + “USA”.) The lake is formed north of the dam, reaching 48 miles (77 km) to the Canadian border and 42 miles (68 km) further into British Columbia. The lake holds 13% of the water in the Columbia River system. There are now 75 km of navigable waters from the US/Canada border north to Wardner, BC. There are a variety of ecological and environmental areas along the shoreline. You can see Deer, Elk, Wild Turkeys, Bald and Golden Eagles, Osprey and the very occasional bear. Badgers, coyotes and other wildlife can be seen as well.

The north end of the lake’s shore is surrounded by forests with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains. As you journey south, the shoreline becomes more arid and sandy beaches abound. With almost 80% of the shoreline being crown land, this is a boaters paradise. Houseboat operations exist on the lake – these offer perfect conditions for visiting the numerous beaches. This also makes the lake ideal for water-skiing and other water sports. Water temperatures in the summer can reach the high 70’s. Fed by the waters of the Kootenay River, Elk River and streams from the Flathead and Kootenay drainage systems, fishing abounds from early spring to late fall with Dolly Varden, Kokanee and Rainbow Trout.

Sunshine Houseboat Vacations, Lake Koocanusa

Sunshine Houseboat Vacations is located at Lake Koocanusa, one of British Columbia’s most beautiful natural playgrounds. Whether you are into the adrenaline pumping excitement of power boating and watersports, a relaxing day fishing in the sun, late night campfire songs and star gazing, or swimming at dawn to the lyrical call of loons, with 1 houseboat for every 10km of shoreline, Sunshine Houseboat Vacations is perfect for you. For more infomation, check out their website at

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